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My name’s Andrew, aka AndyTheGeek, and I’ll be your host here at Game Adventure.

I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember and have pretty much grown up with the industry. In my lifetime I’ve seen that industry rapidly transform from a relatively obscure hobby into the multi-million franchise it is today. More and more people are playing video games every year and that audience is only going to continue to grow.

I was a huge fan of Sega throughout my childhood, witnessed their fall and the rise of the PlayStation. I was there when developers made the jump to 3D graphics and moved from passwords and extra lives to save files. I watched as games placed a greater emphasis on storytelling, with cinematic sequences and full-fledged voice acting. Granted, we take these for granted today, but at that time it was revolutionary and look where we are now: The kind of software technology games are capable of now was unimaginable a mere twenty years ago.

I’m very passionate about video games and love to write about them. I initially tried to get into the industry myself but couldn’t quite make it. In the end I gave up because I heard how it wasn’t all sunshine and roses as it seemed and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to turn a hobby I loved into a job that I would hate.


After years of floating through life, I figured there was a way I could focus on games as a career and still have fun doing it. That’s what led me to decide to become an independent writer and start Game Adventure.

The industry has grown, and so too has the sheer numbers of video games available. It’s hard to keep track of them all. As games have evolved as medium, so too does the length of time it takes to complete them. Games have gone from being just a couple of hours that you would spend on the weekends, to twenty, forty perhaps even sixty, hour length campaigns that take all of our free time. No-one has the time and money to buy and play every video game that comes out.

With high-profile games coming out at a faster rate than ever, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s worth buying and what isn’t. You’ll want your time and money’s worth well-invested, so consider Game Adventure as your go-to reference and recommendation guide.


Game Adventure is an independent website that aims to catalogue and recommend the best video games I have played and direct you to any online stores that have them. I’m just one guy and what you’ll read on this blog will be 100% purely my own opinion so of course I cannot keep track of every game that is released. Ultimately, this site is about sharing my what I love with others and pointing you towards titles which I cannot recommend enough.

If you have any questions, or even suggestions for what can go on the site, please let me know in the comments! I may not always reply to what you have to say, but that doesn’t mean I won’t see or consider it.





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